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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Environmental Leadership

Nature thrives in Metro Vancouver, where a strong environmental ethos positions us at the forefront of environmental leadership. Local government, partners, non-profits, and stakeholders foster a greener, more circular economy will greatly reduce our carbon footprint, fight climate change, and set a foundation for forward-thinking and values-based decision-making, ensuring resilience and stability in the region.

1 in 3
of Canada’s registered B-Corps are headquartered in British Columbia.

of electricity generated in BC comes from clean or renewable resources.

USD annual utilities cost savings compared to the national average.

Thriving Cleantech Cluster​​


​5 Metro Vancouver companies named on the Global Cleantech 100 List

Canada was the second most-represented country in the 2022 Global Cleantech 100, and much of the nation’s industry exists in the Metro Vancouver region. From expertise in hydrogen fuel cell technology to emerging strengths in water tech, Metro Vancouver’s environmental ethos makes it the natural place for businesses in cleantech to grow and thrive.

Achieving Net-Zero


A strong economy needs a healthy, clean environment. Carbon neutrality commitments have sparked significant growth in both the green energy and cleantech sectors. At the same time, the region is bolstering the resilience of its infrastructure, ecosystems, and communities against the impacts of climate change. Metro Vancouver has abundant access to resources, and is managed by responsible planning to ensure continued ecological health and regional resilience.

Green Goals… And a Plan t​​​​​​o Make It Happen

Metro 2050

Planning and Strategies that are working to support a more resilient, low carbon and equitable future

Transport 2050

Expansion of the SkyTrain and local bus network and introducing zero-emissions high-capacity Bus Rapid Transit.

Climate 2050

A strategic plan to be a carbon neutral region by 2050.


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