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​​​​​​​​​​​​Local and Glo​bal Stability

Metro Vancouver is stable, resilient, and a forward thinking region. All levels of government share the goal of creating places and communities where people want to live and work by prioritizing shared prosperity, equity, sustainability, and connection.​

Canada ranks among the
Top 5
countries in the world in the Democracy Index.

Canada ranks
in Economic Freedom.

Canada’s banking system ranks
in the G20 and 6th among 141 countries – it is one of the soundest in the world.


Canada’s trade agreements provide the region’s business environment with access to over 1.5 billion consumers across 51 countries, covering 63 per cent of the world’s GDP. Canada is the only G7 economy with comprehensive free trade access to the entire G7 and European Union.

Strength in Diversity​

Metro Vancouver is a rich cultural mosaic where 41 per cent of the population consists of immigrants, over half of whom earned a bachelor’s degree or higher prior to arriving in Canada.

Residents live, work, and learn on the shared territories of many Indigenous peoples, including 10 local First Nations.

A strong commitment to Indigenous reconciliation, shared prosperity, and sustainability through meaningful collaboration with Indigenous communities will further advance the region's inclusivity and resilience while enhancing cultural values that make the west coast unique.

Economic reconciliation is a path to redress Canada's economic marginalization of Indigenous Peoples by pursuing economic partnerships and opportunities based on shared values. The process aims to contribute to the economic equity, prosperity, and well-being of Indigenous communities.

View Metro Vancouver's Territorial Acknowledgement​​​​.


​​​Percentage of residents that speak a language other than English or French as a First language​

​​​Percentage of residents that speak a language other than English or French as a First language Graph​​​

Access to Business Support​

Collaboration between government, education providers, and business communities provide access to time-saving and cost-effective resources to drive innovation and growth to address global, cross-sector challenges. ​

BC Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE)

Leading a collaborative initiative that will drive investment in low-carbon hydrogen


Linking innovators to BC Government funding, tools, and resources to help companies grow

Clinical Support and Research Centre (CSRC)

Going to be the cornerstone of Vancouver’s newest health innovation district, ensuring we remain at the forefront of medical advancements

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