High-techHigh-techhttps://investvancouver.ca/PublishingImages/HiTech.jpg, High Tech<div class="ExternalClass1BE5CF395B54471996B8928D8B00C62C"><h3>​Metro Vancouver has a thriving tech scene with global resonance. <br></h3></div>Gabriel Martins / VMF Winter Artsrgba(3,239,194,.95)

​​​​​​​​​​With thousands of firms, including an ever growing number of tech unicorns with valuations exceeding $1 billion, high-tech is thriving in Metro Vancouver. From fintech to quantum computing, from software-as-a-service to block chain, the regional high-tech cluster is supported by major research universities, tech incubators and accelerators, and a rapidly growing pool of talented workers. 

/ Global prominence
      in quantum computing applications in aerospace, bio-medicine, and manufacturing

/ National leader
      in applied and commercialized AI

/ One of the fastest-growing regions
      for tech talent in Canada

Strategic Industries Analytics Project

The Strategic Industries Analytics Project is a deep-dive exploring twenty years of economic trends in some of the key export-oriented industries in the Metro Vancouver region, including the Digital High-tech industry. Read the new report for region-specific, granular data that was not previously available.

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Regional Strengths

/ Software

/ Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality

/ Artificial Intelligence

​Industry Snapshot

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