AgritechAgritech, Agritech<div class="ExternalClass6930A7DA78B84D8E9D46D524E29B9B53"><h3>Metro Vancouver’s agritech innovations are making global food supplies more available, secure, and sustainable.<br></h3> </div>Terramera Growth Chambersrgba(3,239,194,.95)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Regional expertise has developed in vertical farming, agricultural robotics, agricultural genomics, cellular agriculture, as well as food processing and waste reduction technologies. The confluence of rich agricultural lands, a diverse agricultural base, and a complementary high-tech cluster has fostered the emergence of one of the most vital industries in the region.

/ $844 Million+
      in capital investment from 2017 to 2021

/ Rich assortment
      of agricultural commodities nationally

/ Extensive structure
      of agritech innovation programs and grant opportunities

Findings and Actions to Strengthen the Agritech Sector in the Metro Vancouver Region

The Metro Vancouver region’s budding agricultural technology sector is well-positioned for growth, but strategic action is needed to fully realize its potential, according to a new report by Invest Vancouver.

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Regional Strengths

/ Precision Ag: includes farm management software, robotics and smart field equipment, drones and imagery analysis, and field internet of things (IoT)

/ Indoor Farming: includes indoor farming components and systems, and indoor growers

/ Ag Biotech: includes animal biotech, plant biotech, and plant data and analysis


Industry Snapshot

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