Life SciencesLife Sciences, Life Sciences<div class="ExternalClass9ED3822FBD574E7C84A48B7E4396DB4A"><h3>​​​Metro Vancouver’s life sciences industry is on the forefront of medical innovations.​<br></h3></div>Paul H. Joseph / UBC Brand & Marketingrgba(3,239,194,.95)

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Driven by research universities and institutes, the Metro Vancouver region is producing world-leading science in lipid nanoparticles, antibodies, genomics, and more. With deep multidisciplinary talent pools, the region is home to one of the fastest-growing life clinical- and commercial-stage sciences sectors in Canada. 

/ Firm concentrations
      in lipid nanoparticles, antibodies, and genomics

/ 22,500 students
      enrolled in life sciences-related academic programs across the province

/ Home to Canada’s largest
      life sciences institute bringing new drugs to clinical trials and onto the market

Life Sciences in Metro Vancouver: Shaping a Globally Prominent R&D Hub

A new report from Invest Vancouver, Life Sciences in Metro Vancouver: Shaping a Globally Prominent R&D Hub, highlights the many ways our region’s life sciences industry is attracting global attention and identifies key recommendations to encourage its growth.

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Regional Strengths

/ Biotechnology

/ Diagnostics

/ Digital Health

/ Genomics

/ Medical Devices

/ Therapeutics

Industry Snapshot​

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