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President2PresidentJacquieGriffithsPresident<div class="ExternalClass62E3D7968A99400691C6D0BDCB17A602"><p>​Since 2014, Jacquie has been the Director of Regional Employers Services with Metro Vancouver. In this role, she led a team providing human resources and workforce strategy support to local governments in the Metro Vancouver region.</p><p>She has worked in the mining, banking, education and municipal sectors and progressed through a series of roles including that of Chief Negotiator for the BC Public School Employers’ Association. In addition, Jacquie served three terms as a Referee for the Employment Insurance Commission of Canada and has been recognized as one of Business in Vancouver’s “40 Under Forty”.</p><p>Jacquie holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia as well as a Master of Arts from Royal Roads University. As a volunteer, Jacquie has served on a number of not-for-profit boards and is currently a director and chairs the finance committee for the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) BC and Yukon.<br></p><p><br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/JacquieGriffiths.jpg, https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/JacquieGriffiths.jpg
Vice President, Collaboration4Vice President, CollaborationKatieFitzmauriceVice President, Collaboration<div class="ExternalClass8F27747D01A54447A5DAFCC0171E75A0"><p>​Responsible for identifying and developing key partnership opportunities and collaborative efforts, Katie Fitzmaurice is committed to advancing equitable and sustainable prosperity throughout the Metro Vancouver region.</p><p>Most recently, Katie was a Senior Regional Human Resources Advisor for Regional Employers Services with Metro Vancouver. In this role, she developed and implemented a comprehensive approach to identifying and addressing workforce labour supply challenges to local government employers within the Metro Vancouver region.</p><p>Prior to joining Metro Vancouver, she has worked for the Business Council of British Columba, the BC Public School Employers’ Association, and BC Hydro. Katie holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. Her proudest volunteer role to date involves leading a bike ride 4,500 kilometers from Amsterdam to Istanbul to fundraise money for a socially innovative project.<br></p><p><br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/KatieFitzmaurice.jpeg, https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/KatieFitzmaurice.jpeg
Vice President, Data, Research & Policy10Vice President, Data, Research & PolicyLejlaUzicaninVice President, Data, Research & Policy<div class="ExternalClassB6A7F9DAC1264A4FA49D179AA975BFDB"><p>Leading the Data, Research, & Policy team, Lejla is responsible for providing independent, objective economic research, data analytics, and policy analysis to assist decision makers on how better to contend with the challenges and exploit the opportunities presented in rapidly evolving global economy.</p><p>Lejla comes to Invest Vancouver from an international development career in eastern Europe and areas of the former Soviet Union that focused on policy, regulatory, economic and private sector development. Prior to working as a faculty member at City University of Seattle, Lejla led projects for the United Nations as an energy policy advisor, for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as a project manager, and for the BC Utilities Commission as a senior economist.</p><p>Lejla holds a Bachelor of Science in Administration and Management from La Roche University, a Masters of Business Administration from Cass Business School London, and a Masters in Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University.<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/LejlaUzicanin.jpg, https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/LejlaUzicanin.jpg
Senior Policy Advisor5Senior Policy AdvisorMeganGerrytsSenior Policy Advisorhttps://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/MeganGerryts.jpg, https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/MeganGerryts.jpg
Senior Economist8Senior EconomistGregoryFreemanSenior Economisthttps://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/MalePlacerholder.JPG, Placeholder
Investment Attraction & Promotion Consultant13Investment Attraction & Promotion ConsultantBehdadMahichiInvestment Attraction & Promotion Consultanthttps://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/MalePlacerholder.JPG, https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/MalePlacerholder.JPG
Global Investment Attraction Marketing Assistant14Global Investment Attraction Marketing AssistantRohanShahGlobal Investment Attraction Marketing Assistanthttps://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/MalePlacerholder.JPG, https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/MalePlacerholder.JPG
Project Coordinator6Project CoordinatorPeytonWinsladeProject Coordinatorhttps://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/PeytonWinslade.jpg, https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/PeytonWinslade.jpg
Investor Services Consultant12Investor Services ConsultantVladOujegovInvestor Services Consultanthttps://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/Vlad_headshot.jpg, https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/Vlad_headshot.jpg
Office Assistant11Office AssistantStephanie NguyenOffice Assistanthttps://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/FemalePlaceholder.JPG, https://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/FemalePlaceholder.JPG
Office Coordinator7Office CoordinatorSilvanaMahOffice Coordinatorhttps://investvancouver.ca/about/our-team/PublishingImages/FemalePlaceholder.JPG, Placeholder

Invest Vancouver acknowledges that the region’s residents live, work, and learn on the shared territories of many Indigenous peoples, including 10 local First Nations: Katzie, Kwantlen, Kwikwetlem, Matsqui, Musqueam, Qayqayt, Semiahmoo, Squamish, Tsawwassen, and Tsleil-Waututh.

Invest Vancouver respects the diverse and distinct histories, languages, and cultures of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit, which collectively enrich our lives and the region.