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Postdoctoral Researcher in Digital Governance, Toronto Metropolitan University12Postdoctoral Researcher in Digital Governance, Toronto Metropolitan UniversityAnnaArtyushina<div class="ExternalClassEAB78DC6AD644820B69C07F48CCD1A8C"><p>Dr. Anna Artyushina is a data governance researcher who specializes in data stewardship and artificial intelligence. She has published studies on the governance of smart cities, data trusts, a human rights-based approach to the design and governance of AI (HRBA), and the AI/data regulations in the EU and Canada. Currently, she is a post-doctoral fellow in the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Toronto Metropolitan University.<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/anna-artyushina.jpg, Anna ArtyushinaPanel 1
Senior Manager, Transit Planning, TransLink5Senior Manager, Transit Planning, TransLinkMichelleBabiuk<div class="ExternalClassCD2BEA19ADA148CF8ADDB69FEF2B966C">Michelle Babiuk is a planning leader with experience in transportation and infrastructure planning, design, implementation and operations. She is currently TransLink’s Senior Manager of Transit Planning where she leads team developing plans for transit service, fleet and infrastructure. This includes planning for the conventional system of buses, trains and passenger ferries, for paratransit and for service to First Nations reserves and treaty lands.<br>Over the past sixteen years at TransLink she has also provided leadership to bus exchange and rail station design, transit oriented development planning, street design and environmental assessments. This work has resulted in the implementation of transportation infrastructure across the region that provides an excellent customer experience and integrates well with surrounding neighbourhoods. She has consistently brought to this work her experience as a daily transit user and cyclist, and her passion for improving people’s experiences walking, cycling, taking transit and living in transit oriented neighbourhoods. Michelle received an M.A. in Community and Regional Planning and a B.A. (Hon) in English from the University of British Columbia.<br>​<br></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/michelle-babiuk.jpg, Michelle Babiuk​​Panel 2, Moderator
Director, Technology Business Management Office, TransLink22Director, Technology Business Management Office, TransLinkAmritBrar<div class="ExternalClass6221AFD55BF84F3BB1A5ED38774A9840"><p>Amrit oversees the Technology Business Management Office at TransLink responsible for running IT like a business by ensuring IT services are efficient, costs are optimized, and investments align with enterprise goals. Since joining TransLink last year, a core focus has been overseeing the creation of the Enterprise Digital Strategy with the intention of aligning TransLink’s investments in technology with emerging business needs, planned system growth, and future service expansion. His team is also championing the advancement and adoption of emerging technologies and new operating models. Prior to joining TransLink in 2023, Amrit was involved in overseeing and executing business and technology strategies for large organizations in the public and private sector.​<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/amrit-brar.jpg, Amrit BrarPanel 1
Mayor, City of North Vancouver2Mayor, City of North VancouverLindaBuchanan<div class="ExternalClass12D8A6C93891475585F249B6875C5959">Linda Buchanan is serving her second term as Mayor of the City of North Vancouver. Prior to being elected Mayor, Linda was a public health nurse for 30 years, working with children and families. She also served two terms as a City Co​uncillor and a term as a School Board Trustee.<br>Her goal is to build an inclusive and healthy community for all people. By focusing on shared prosperity, mobility, sustainability, vibrancy, and people-friendly places, Linda aims to improve livability across the City. Linda has championed making the City of North Vancouver 'the Healthiest Small City in the World' and has put the health and wellbeing of residents at the heart of her decision-making.<br>Born and raised in the City, Linda knows this community well and raised her own four children here with her husband Kevin. A proud hockey mom, Linda believes in the power of sport and recreation. She loves the City's amazing local art and jazz music scene, and can often be found riding her bike on the Spirit Trail. Linda holds a Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Nursing from the University of British Columbia and in 2019 she received the Centenary Medal of Distinction for her achievements in nursing.​<br></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/linda-buchanan.png, LInda​​Welcome Remarks
President, Invest Vancouver3President, Invest VancouverJacquieGriffiths<div class="ExternalClass4A22F25C21A641F9BA88E91764010ED4">As President of Invest Vancouver, Jacquie leads the regional economic development leadership service for Metro Vancouver. Her focus is on attracting strategic investment to Metro Vancouver, fostering region-wide collaboration, and propelling the economic growth needed for regional prosperity.<br>Before accepting the role of President, Jacquie was Executive Vice President and a founding member of Invest Vancouver. and took Invest Vancouver from a concept to reality. Since then, she has made significant strides in expanding Invest Vancouver and promoting the Metro Vancouver region globally as well as establishing regional partnerships in key sectors such as tech, life sciences, and clean transportation. Under her leadership, Invest Vancouver has been a key player in landing multi-national enterprise investment into the region.<br><br>Jacquie holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia as well as a Master of Arts. She holds a designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D) and the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR). She brings over two decades of leadership experience in a wide-range of sectors including mining, banking, education, and local government and has been recognized as one of Business in Vancouver's "40 Under Forty." Jacquie is currently a director and chairs the governance committee for the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) BC and Yukon. On the national stage, she was elected vice-chair of the Consider Canada City Alliance and in 2023, invited to join the World Trade Center Advisory Committee through the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.​<br></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/jacquie-griffiths.png, Jacquie​​Panel 1, Moderator
Executive Director, Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM)9Executive Director, Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM)JRHammond<div class="ExternalClass4D4DC21276A54B69BC396F5042266971"><p>CAAM is a Federal Not For Profit organization that acts as the catalyst for the new Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry in Canada. AAM is defined as unlocking Zero-Emission (Electric & Hydrogen) Aircraft to operate in Canada both as flying vehicles and larger commercial airplanes. AAM operations focus on moving people, goods and services in both piloted and remotely piloted aircraft on intra-urban and inter-regional routes.<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/jr-hammond.jpg, JR HammondPanel 3
CEO, Foresight Canada6CEO, Foresight CanadaJeanetteJackson<div class="ExternalClassA40233A4640B4B5694B1D25C4EA87BA6">Jeanette is an experienced CEO and entrepreneur with broad experience in strategy, innovation, business development, marketing, and operations. As the CEO of Foresight, Jeanette has led rapid growth, transforming a regional organization into Canada’s largest cleantech accelerator. Since 2018, under her leadership, Foresight has expanded accelerator programs, built a vibrant Industry Innovation Program, and launched a sectoral approach to accelerate cleantech innovation. Jeanette is a frequent speaker, media guest, and advisor to innovators, industry, investors and government.<br>Prior to joining Foresight, Jeanette was founding CEO of Light-Based Technologies, which she built into a scaling enterprise with venture capital support and a successful personal exit in 2011. As President of The Brag Company, she oversaw the complete restructuring of the business and sale of the company in just two years. As an Executive in Residence with Foresight, Jeanette advised more than 25 ventures in several markets including bio-energy, electric vehicles, smart buildings, water tech, robotics, and wind.​<br><br></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/jeanette-jackson.jpg, Jeanette Jackson​​Panel 3
Media Relations Advisor, TransLink10Media Relations Advisor, TransLinkJawnJang<div class="ExternalClass343AB02EB815463BB7E7498474697E08"><p>Jawn Jang is an accomplished broadcaster with a decade of on-air experience in radio, including hosting talk shows in Vancouver. He was born in Seoul, South Korea but immigrated to Canada with his family in 1994.</p><p>Jawn grew up all over the Lower Mainland including Port Moody, Cloverdale, Langley, New Westminster, Burnaby, and Vancouver, but his all-time favourite bus route is the 502.</p><p>​After joining TransLink as a Media Relations Advisor in 2022, he helped launch the two-time award-winning ""What's the T: The TransLink Podcast"" which is available now on your favourite podcatcher.</p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/jawn-jang.jpg, Jawn JangEmcee
Sr. Manager, Innovation Management & New Mobility, TransLink23Sr. Manager, Innovation Management & New Mobility, TransLinkNiklasKviselius<div class="ExternalClassE009760970674C5490140AFAF17CC510"><p>Niklas Kviselius is the Senior Manager of Innovation Management & New Mobility at TransLink, Metro Vancouver’s award-winning transportation authority.</p><p>In this role, Niklas Kviselius helps leading and coordinating innovation initiatives across the Enterprise. Under Niklas leadership, the New Mobility program was created to strengthen TransLink’s innovation infrastructure and act as a facilitator and resource for experimentation across the Enterprise, encourage, establish, and manage collaborations with the private and academic sectors in support of regional and enterprise goals, and build capacity and act as a competence center for new transportation technologies and business practices.</p><p>Niklas is passionate about bringing a new generation of transportation services to the Metro Vancouver area and securing TransLink’s relevance in an increasingly electrified, digitally connected, automated, and shared transportation future.</p><p>Prior to his time at TransLink, Niklas served as eight years as Science & Innovation diplomat and Head of Office in Swedish Embassies in Tokyo and Seoul working with strategic networking, analysis, and science diplomacy. Before that Niklas worked in venture capital in Stockholm, Sweden, with a major part of these years also operative in the portfolio companies as CEO or CMO.</p><p>Niklas holds a PhD and MSc in Business and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.​<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/niklas-kviselius.jpg, Niklas KviseliusOpen Call for Innovation
Project Manager, TransLink18Project Manager, TransLinkMikeLipa<div class="ExternalClass9BCDC8DF82164389861A87794A614271"><p>Mike is a Technology Management professional with more than 15 years of experience in implementation and consulting. He leads ideation and partnership activities for TransLink’s New Mobility to promote technology adaption, transfer and assimilation through various programs such as the Open Call for Innovation.<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/mike-lipa.jpg, Mike LipaOpen Call for Innovation
Partner & Investment Director, Telus Global Ventures21Partner & Investment Director, Telus Global VenturesBrianMartin<div class="ExternalClassCDF628B1970E4192A3C5AD5A2125A65B"><p>Brian is a technology director responsible for leading investments in smart cities, IoT, 5G and security for TELUS Ventures. Brian is an experienced VC investor with expertise in go-to-market for early stage companies, and as an engineer, he applies both a strategic and technical lens when evaluating investment opportunities and guiding portfolio companies. Brian’s portfolio companies have had exits to Splunk, Planet Labs, VMware and IMS Health.</p><p>Prior to joining TELUS Ventures, Brian was a Principal at Vanedge Capital for 5 years and previously served as Chief Security Officer at BC Hydro, where he led overall security policy development and implementation for the province’s electrical system. Brian is a trained engineer, with a bachelor’s degree in electrical, electronics and communications engineering from the University of Alberta, and he holds a Professional Engineer certification from the New York State Education Department.</p><p>When he’s not volunteering for Big Brothers or in the LGBTQ+ community, Brian can be found skiing or snowboarding Vancouver’s North Shore mountains or enjoying live music at festivals around the world.</p><p>Brian is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a member of the CVCA committee on International Affairs and holds an MBA from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/brian-martin.jpg, Brian MartinVEC Pitch Competition Judge
Deputy CAO, Policy and Planning, Metro Vancouver19Deputy CAO, Policy and Planning, Metro VancouverHeatherMcNell<div class="ExternalClass7CDFA6DD83414125B89EBD229A68D722"><p><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span>Award-winning planning professional and corporate leader with over 25 years of progressive planning and policy experience in land use, transportation, environment, and parks at the regional level. Has led the development of critical long-term plans for the Metro Vancouver region of 2.8 million people, including the regional growth strategy, the industrial lands strategy, and the Metro Vancouver Board 2023-2029 Strategic Plan, as well as unprecedented expansion of the Metro Vancouver Housing portfolio which will see over 2,000 new and redeveloped units of affordable housing added to the region over 10 years. As Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Metro Vancouver, provides strategic direction to an organization to approximately 2,000 professional employees with an operating budget of ~$1B annually and a capital budget of ~$2.5B annually. ​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span><br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/Heather_McNell_2023.jpg, Heather McNellClosing Remarks
CEO TransLink16CEO TransLinkKevinQuinn<div class="ExternalClass896E00A56B0B44C8AE460D0A15D957C7"><p>Kevin Quinn is the Chief Executive Officer of TransLink, Metro Vancouver’s award-winning transportation authority. As CEO, Kevin Quinn oversees the management, planning, finance, and the growth and delivery of bus services, SkyTrain, SeaBus, HandyDART, and West Coast Express transit services, as well as cycling and walking infrastructure, five bridges, and the Major Road Network. Under Kevin’s leadership, TransLink has released several plans that shape the future of transportation in the region, all while putting sustainability, reconciliation, and inclusion at the forefront.</p><p>​Kevin also serves on the board of directors for the American Public Transportation Association and is a member of the Presidents Group, a group of executives championing accessible and inclusive workplaces.</p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/kevin-quinn.jpg, Kevin QuinnClosing Remarks
Senior Director, Hayden AI26Senior Director, Hayden AI​ReneeAutumn Ray<div class="ExternalClass7DFAABCDED6F460BADF4A91FEDC06399"><p>Renee Autumn Ray has worked with transportation technology and policy issues at all levels of government for over 15 years. She is the Senior Director of Strategic Growth at Hayden AI, the global leader in mobile bus enforcement systems, and recently published the report Understanding AI and Transportation with the Eno Center. Renee also serves on the Transportation Research Board Innovative Public Transportation Services and Technologies committee and the Intelligent Transportation Systems committee. Renee holds a master's degree in urban planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.​​​<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/renee-autumn-ray.jpg, ​Renee Autumn RayPanel 2
Vice President and General Manager, Microsoft Vancouver11Vice President and General Manager, Microsoft VancouverDavidSeymour<div class="ExternalClass871214C963D741EDBB8F24F28A3F15EC"><p>David began his career in IT as an IBM E-Business Specialist in Eastern Canada. After moving to BC, he entered the game industry with successive positions at Radical Entertainment, Electronic Arts and Slant Six Games, before joining Microsoft as part of an acquisition in 2009. Over the last 15 years, he's delivered a range of products, from day-one experiences for Kinect and Xbox One, to MSN and Office 3D. Today, his team is at the center of the Copilot and AI Strategy for M365, responsible for building new visual creation and generative editing capabilities across the Photos applications.<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/david-seymour.jpg, David SeymourPanel 1
VP Emerging Tech, WSP17VP Emerging Tech, WSPSeverinSkolrud<div class="ExternalClassB16C20AB61124E85B490290DCAA29873"><p>Severin Skolrud leads the Emerging Technology Department for WSP’s National Transit & Rail Engineering business line. This group includes zero-emission program managers, vehicle automation engineers and data scientists. Severin is the project manager for CapMetro’s Automated Bus Yard deployment under the FTA Strategic Transit Automation Research (STAR) program. This is a market-first deployment testing the safety and operational benefits of an electric, automated heavy-duty bus in an active transit yard yielding capacity and time savings. The author of WSP’s Transit Automation White Paper illustrating the future benefits of ADAS and ADS solutions with EVs, Severin is continually pushing boundaries to design for a cleaner, safer environment.<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/severin-skolrud.jpg, Severin SkolrudPanel 2
Director, Seattle Department of Transportation25Director, Seattle Department of TransportationGregSpotts<div class="ExternalClass4EDC3759F2234D5ABE9768825CBECEC0"><p>Greg Spotts serves as Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). Greg believes in co-creating projects with the communities SDOT serves and has participated in more than 100 community walks since joining SDOT in September 2022. He leads by example, living car-free in Seattle and relying on public transit, walking and biking for most of his trips. Greg has made safety the top priority of his tenure at SDOT, commissioning a “top to bottom review” of Seattle’s Vision Zero program, appointing the agency’s first Chief Safety Officer, and then publishing a Vision Zero action plan.</p><p>One of Greg’s favorite policy achievements since joining SDOT is launching a new program to provide free transit cards to all residents of Seattle Public Housing.</p><p>Prior to joining SDOT, Greg served as Executive Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer for the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services, (StreetsLA), shaping policies supporting active transportation, climate change adaptation, vehicle emissions reductions, and the adoption of sustainable construction practices.</p><p>Prior to joining StreetsLA, Greg served Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for nearly four years as Director of Performance Management and then Director of Transportation Project Delivery. In the latter role, Greg served as the Mayor’s lead on a $370M portfolio of city transportation projects including traffic signal synchronization, and a $10B portfolio of regional Metro mega-projects including the 405 freeway widening and the Purple Line Subway Extension.</p><p>Greg has obtained a BA in Political Science from Yale University, and a Masters of Public Policyfrom UCLA, including a Leadership in Sustainability Certificate.​<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/greg-spotts.jpg, Greg SpottsPanel 2
Vice President, Data, Research and Policy, Invest Vancouver20Vice President, Data, Research and Policy, Invest VancouverLejlaUzicanin<div class="ExternalClass212DF59DA8B84ACC8D8429620119B69D"><p>Leading the Data, Research and Policy team, Lejla is responsible for providing objective, independent research, economic analysis, and strategic and policy advice to amplify the region's economic value proposition - increasing Metro Vancouver's global competitiveness to seize opportunities presented in the rapidly evolving global economy.</p><p>Prior to joining Invest Vancouver, Lejla was a faculty member with the City University of Seattle, and a senior economist with the BC Utilities Commission. She has a rich international development experience, working in south-east Europe and the parts of the Former Soviet Union, focusing on policy, regulatory, economic and private sector development. Lejla has also worked for the United Nations and the United Nations Development Programme.</p><p>Lejla holds a Bachelor of Science in Administration and Management from La Roche University, MBA from Cass Business School of City University of London, and a Masters in Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University. She is a proud member of Rotary International, an organization of people brought together by a desire to make a positive impact in their communities and the world.<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/lejla-uzicanin.png, Lejla UzicaninPanel 3, Moderator
Program Manager, Sustainable Workforce Coalition, Zero Emissions Innovation Centre7Program Manager, Sustainable Workforce Coalition, Zero Emissions Innovation CentreAndrewWilliamson<div class="ExternalClass9AF927B6259F4022A27C9D08FFED6D71"><p>A seasoned film and television producer, Williamson has in recent years stepped away from the camera to concentrate on full time climate change work. As manager of ZEIC’s new Sustainable Workforce Coalition, Andrew is now helping catalyze a just and equitable energy transition for Greater Vancouver workers via research, community activation, and programming.<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/andrew-williamson.jpg, Andrew WilliamsonPanel 3
Regional Director, Pacific, Business Development, Mitacs8Regional Director, Pacific, Business Development, MitacsSherryZhao<div class="ExternalClass759A5964D0754BA3AF392D5780401FDE"><p>With over a decade of experience in fostering innovation partnerships and economic empowerment, Dr. Sherry Zhao is a dedicated leader shaping the business landscape in British Columbia. Currently serving as a Board Member on the Executive Committee of the Business Council of British Columbia and the chair of NEXT Leaders Council, Sherry empowers emerging business leaders to engage in constructive dialogue on economic and public policy issues crucial for investment and competitiveness. Additionally, Sherry contributes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a Board Member for the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Forum With a background as Mitacs' Regional Director for the Pacific, Sherry led a diverse team in advancing innovation partnerships between industry and academia. Sherry holds a PhD from UBC and a BSc from Peking University.<br></p></div>https://investvancouver.ca/resources/events/new-mobility-forum/PublishingImages/sherry-zhao.jpg, Sherry ZhaoPanel 3

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